FAQs & Policies



Making appointments is easy, and they are available seven days a week by telephone and online. Please notify us of any changes in email, phone number, and address. For all first-time guests, a credit card is required to reserve your appointment.

If you cancel your appointment within 24 hours of your scheduled time, you will be charged 50 percent of your scheduled time. If you “no-show,” you will be charged 100 percent of your scheduled service.

We can accommodate late arrivals; however, your appointment will end at the scheduled time, and you will be expected to pay the full-service fee

Fill policy: If you wait more than four weeks to get a fill, we will need to charge you for a returning client full set. We have both two- and three-week fill appointments to accommodate you for your desired fullness achievement.

For payments, we accept cash, Visa and Mastercard. We do not accept checks.

Our staff isn’t equipped to provide child care, and our insurance isn’t equipped to cover children or related accidents in the facility. Therefore, our environment is a relaxing child-free zone during everyone’s lash service appointment.

If we need to perform a sensitivity test at our discretion or client request, one drop of adhesive is placed on inner forearm and behind the ear after the client consent is signed. If a reaction occurs during a 36-hour period, an alternate, less-sensitive adhesive can be offered in place of the platinum bond NovaLash Series adhesives we usually use.


Can You Wear Contacts?

You may put your contacts in immediately after NovaLash application. I advise you to wear your glasses to your appointment and have them already removed for during the application and fills.

Can You Get Them Wet?

NovaLash is the leading premier lash adhesive and is instantly waterproof. Please avoid steam at all times and avoid soap on them for 24 hours.

Can You Use Mascara?

You may use nonwaterproof and nonlongwearing mascara. However, most of my clients no longer need mascara once I do their lashes.

Can You Curl Them?

Curling isn’t necessary or recommended and can shorten the longevity in wear of your extensions. NovaLash comes precurled in various lengths and thickness and can be adjusted to preference and occasion.

How do you clean them?

You should opt for an oilfree makeup remover and use plain baby shampoo as needed to cleanse the hair follicles and natural lashesI recommend this weekly and prior to fill appointments. Fluff them with the tool provided from your lash tech – never pull or tug on them with your fingers.

What do you do before your lash appointment?

Please remove all eye makeup prior to your appointment. Makeup left on may interfere with the meticulous, precise bond required to your natural lashes.

Reputable beauty establishments do individual lash extensions – is this what you do?

A smart consumer understands that individual extensions can be applied with good intentions. However, in the hands of an unlicensed, uncertified or unskilled individual, the lashes may result in damage and less-desirable results. The consistent, precise, meticulous and professional skill to be the best above any industry standard at House of Lashes will always maintain the health, beauty and look of your lashes.

Lash Shedding

The average person has between 90 to 120 natural lashes per upper eyelid. We always aim to place an extension on all possible lashes during your full set or fill the appointment.

Each eye will naturally shed two to five lashes per day, so if you break it down – averaging three lashes per day – it will look like this.

In one week, you can shed up to a third of your lash extensions

In two weeks, you can shed up to two-thirds of the lashes extensions

In three weeks, you will continue the shed cycle

During these weeks of shedding, your lashes continue to regrow through the natural growth cycles

Eyelash Extension 101 – Lint-free Is the Way to Be

Avoiding cleansing pads made of cotton or washcloths is a must. They can snag and tear lashes and leave lint behind. Use lintfree applicators or sponges with oil-free makeup remover instead. 

Eyelash Extension 102 – Friction Breaks Bonds

Rubbing, tugging or pulling at your extensions breaks the adhesive bonds and can damage natural lashes. You must use satin pillowcases to avoid the breaking of lash extensions during sleep.