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I can honestly say "lash extensions" saved my life! The year was 2009 and my whole life was in turmoil as I faced a divorce and a new beginning. To get out of the doldrums a coworker suggested that I get my lashes done. I decided what the heck and the rest is history! I absolutely fell in love with the way they looked. It was definitely the "pick me up" I needed to move on and actually start my new beginning! When I starred into the mirror I couldn't believe what I saw. It was the new me! I realized not only did these lashes dramatically change my looks they were also unbelievably easy to take care of. As a busy Mom of 3 that meant my life was simplified and drastically made easier in an instant. A quick morning face wash, hair fix and a little lip gloss and off to the office I went. So, at a very tough time in my life I had found something that made me feel positive about myself and simplified things. No more worries about water proof lashes, because believe me , I tested them plenty of times through my tears.

Because I had such a unbelievable experience I wanted to share my journey with you. I started from the bare bones beginning in esthetics school, skincare education, many lash procedure classes and finally mastered Novalash. I started doing lashes in my living room and now I have reached a point where many of my clients consider me as the "premier Novalash and esthetician" in Maryland. I have been blessed to meet so many Moms and women over that time period and I have tosay its been an honor. Many have testified to the fact that this product has changed their life in so many ways. Because of that, I am happy to share with you an easy, simple method to improve how you look and feel instantly! Nova lash is a healthy, long lasting and simple way to get an instant overall improvement in way you look and feel! Welcome to the House of Lashes!

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